Reaping the benefits of the kind people in the WKU scholarship office, my parents, everyone who paid me to paint their friends and family at Christmas, and God’s goodness. Thankful to have the opportunity to learn a little more about my future (current?) occupation in another country. I am required to keep this blog for student teaching purposes although I have a lot of beef with blogs because often, they end up being people just writing about their feelings. Hopefully keeping this blog will humble me and stop me from being judgemental about other people’s blogs.

Actual ABOUT ME part: I am student teaching in Werne, Germany for three(ish) weeks. This is my final semester of school at Western Kentucky University, the best school in all the lands. This blog is where I write my daily/weekly musings, but primarily where I address a new subject (sent to me from Teacher Education) each week. And probably keep a virtual diary of all my pictures.