Well. Here we find ourselves again.

Beulah is stress packing and I’m finishing my chocolates because tomorrow we travel to Verne (the town where we will be teaching for the next two weeks) and there is no extra space for chocolate. I’m broke (in a sense that I came here with a very certain amount of money and must be cautious when spending, not the kind of broke where I actually have NO money) so I haven’t bought any souvenirs which bodes well for easier packing. But you’re probs not on my blog to read about my packing methods or non-dieting practices.

What we did venture into today was a scavenger hunt. Disclaimer: I hate scavenger hunts. I also don’t love exploring new places that I literally know nothing about. BUT, as it happens many times, my mind was *a little bit* changed.

We traveled by train to a city called Potsdam. Our scavenger hunt was presented to us in the form of a booklet, with tasks and questions to answer. We were paired with another group member and were set free as soon as the train reached the large Potsdam station. Delilah was my partner and we spent about five hours doing all of these tasks together. Some of our enthusiastic counterparts pretended this was the Amazing Race and they left us in the dust. No complaints. I was fine in the dust.

We spent a lot of the morning doing things like looking into the *original, smaller* Brandenburg Gate (thanks nice man at the hotel. It seems that hotel clerks are becoming very reliable aides in getting around foreign countries so shoutout to hotel staff everywhere for being kind and patient), asking a million people, “is this the French quarter? Can we take a picture in your restaurant/store? Can you take it for us? Oh, you don’t speak English….”, and buying a postcard to send to the education department at WKU. I was darn frustrated because at one point, we were assigned to find a famous restaurant near this certain gate and then we were to order their specialty and take a picture of it. When we went to the restaurant that we weren’t even absolutely sure it was the famous one, the host wrote us off and pretended to hear us but then started on another task far away, probably so we couldn’t bother him anymore. I’m kind of being a whiner–apologies. It was just really challenging to try to find all this information when not everyone spoke english and not everyone was friendly and helpful. A takeaway from this is relating to the way your ESL kids feel in your classroom, where you speed through  tons of material in a language they don’t understand. I’d HATE school if I couldn’t understand what was happening. Makes me feel sympathy towards them and makes me think more about the way I teach.

We tried hopelessly to find Doner Kebab (recommended by many friends in the states that have traveled to Germany) but after a long search, THERE WAS NONE TO BE FOUND. We settled for this weird cafe where I had cheese and jam sandwich. Also a coke light but did you know the cokes here are about as expensive as the meals? Also made quick stop in H&M to purchase scarf and hat because I’m a dummy and didn’t bring either with me to Germany, the land-of-cold-and-wind-in-April.

Our afternoon was a lot more pleasant, because we were done with the part where you had to depend on other people not speaking your language to help you. Delilah and I walked to the Sannsucci complex, which is basically miles of gardens and palaces, built originally (I think) by Fredrick the Great to serve as his summer vacation home. He enjoyed it so much that he spent a great deal of time there for over four decades. It has been kept in splendid conditions and was breathtaking to wander around. I was actually feeling very Elizabeth Bennet as we were walking throughout the courtyards and halls of  these old structures. A good deal of old statues still stand in these grounds and the landscaping is incredible. The pictures below might help depict what a magnificent place this is.

We all met back up at three to discuss our findings, to show off our red towel pics, and to figure out who the winners were (NOT me and Delilah). Then we headed back, via train, to our hotel where we rested for a second and then split to dinner at this incredible spatzle restaurant where a drunken man interrupted our dinner and tried to sit down with us. The ladies running this trip have made it tradition to have dessert EVERY NIGHT wherever we are eating. This evening, we ate something that we have had different varieties of all week but it was served with applesauce at this restaurant.

Currently sitting in bed. Have finished chocolate, have finished packing, have taken showers. Preparing to rise and shine so we can proceed with our long train ride to Verne tomorrow!

*only look at pics if you want to see me one million times with my red towel*


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