Running out of creative titles

I guess it’s bound to be the time where I run out of creative titles because this blog is about to say “tchussssss!” (goodbye) forever because in three days (oops, now one day), we’re headed home! That exclamation mark is a tad contradictory because, on one hand, Germany is really cool: we’re currently listening to […]

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My backpack feels like success

Title=direct quote from Beulah Mosley, right after a thrift store expedition, and post-chocolate shop purchases. Refer to former post and see picture of Beulah with her backpack about twice her size-comparable to today. Since my last post, things have gotten better/easier, as I feel over the adjustment to living-with-another-family hump. ¬†School is still a little […]

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The title alludes to a comment by Shelby today. Her host family gave her this large water bottle that was eerily similar to the shape and size of a wine bottle but in fact, it was just water. One of the things I quickly¬†became accustomed to was that water is generally not water here-it’s all […]



Well. Here we find ourselves again. Beulah is stress packing and I’m finishing my chocolates because tomorrow we travel to Verne (the town where we will be teaching for the next two weeks) and there is no extra space for chocolate. I’m broke (in a sense that I came here with a very certain amount […]

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Day 4 (I think?) but those first few days ran together–one cannot be too sure what day it is when you have no cellular data and cannot rely on your phone to tell you everything and you have to talk to real people to understand public transportation instead of the ever-trusty google maps. Just kidding. […]